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Speaker Topic Files
September 13, 2011
September 13, 2011
Kate Ross A window on the future of spintronics PDF
September 20, 2011
Sedigh Ghamari Spin Liquid Groundstates? PDF
September 27, 2011
Prasanna Balasubramanian Probing the relaxation towards equilibrium in an isolated strongly correlated 1D Bose gas PDF
October 4, 2011
Travis Williams Iron Based Superconductors: Parent Antiferromagnet goes Insulating PDF
October 11, 2011
Tim Munsie Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: A New Phase in Oxide Research N/A
October 18, 2011
Shouvik Sur Magnetic and non-magnetic phases of a quantum spin liquid PDF
October 25, 2011
Phillip Ashby Majorana fermions inch closer to reality PDF
November 1, 2011
Andrew Bartlett Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Experimental Spin Ratchet N/A
November 8, 2011
Marlon Rodney Developments in Topological Insulators N/A
November 15, 2011
Mischa Thesberg Quantum Simulators: Modeling Spin Systems on Optical Lattices N/A
November 22, 2011
Graeme Luke Spin Ice: Magnetic Excitations without Monopole Signatures Using Muon Spin Rotation N/A
December 6, 2011
Jerod Wagman Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Magnetically Driven Superconductivity in CeCu2Si2 N/A
February 13, 2012
Jesse Hall Field-induced Quantum Phase Transition in Ce3Pd20Si6 N/A
March 12, 2012
Ed Taylor Majorana Fermions and a Topological Phase Transition in Semiconductor-Superconductor Heterostructures N/A
March 19, 2012
Robert D'Ortenzio in-situ imaging of ultracold atomic gases N/A
March 26, 2012
Wen Huang Superconductor-insulator transition in LSCO at the pair quantum resistance N/A
April 2, 2012
Subhro Bhattacharjee Is the S=1 compound, Ba_3NiSB_2O_9, a gapless spin liquid ? N/A
April 16, 2012
Sedigh Ghamari Spin Liquid State in the Phase Diagram of Hubbard Model on the Honeycomb Lattice N/A
April 30, 2012
Andreas Deschner On the formation of topological defects in hexagonal manganites N/A
October 4, 2012
Phillip Ashby Quantum Capacitance in Topological Insulators PDF
October 11, 2012
Sedigh Ghamari Construction of a Non-Fermi Liquid Ground State PDF
October 18, 2012
Edward Taylor Low-energy scaling invariance in two-dimensional, strongly-interacting Fermi gases, or: Learning new tricks from an old dog. N/A
October 25, 2012
Jesse Hall Interplay and competition between phases in underdoped cuprates N/A
November 8, 2012
Wen Huang Topological Superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3 N/A
November 15, 2012
Ray Ng Three-dimensional localization of ultracold atoms in an optical disordered potential N/A
November 22, 2012
Shouvik Sur Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: The Higgs mode in condensed matter N/A
November 29, 2012
Jerod Wagman Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: More or different? Exploring analogs of the cuprates in other oxides PDF
December 6, 2012
Prasanna Balasubramanian Nobel Prize in Physics 2012 N/A
January 31, 2013
Sedigh Ghamari RVB, spin liquids, and topological order N/A
February 7, 2013
Duncan O' Dell Quantum rainbows N/A
February 21, 2013
Shouvik Sur Slave particles made real: Critical Fermi surface at a Mott transition in Bose-Fermi mixtures N/A
February 28, 2013
Travis Williams Physics of the Riemann Hypothesis N/A
March 7, 2013
Dr. Manu Paranjape (Universite de Montreal) Macroscopic, interacting, spin tunnelling and the ground state of an easy axis system with an exchange interaction N/A
March 14, 2013
Mischa Thesberg Computational Topology for Configuration Spaces of Hard Disks N/A
September 26, 2013
Phillip Ashby Hofstadter's Butterfly appears in Graphene PDF
October 3, 2013
Zhou Li Polaron-like nature of massive Dirac fermions in topological insulators PDF
October 10, 2013
Tim Munsie Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Are the anomalies in water due to an unapproachable critical point? PDF
October 17, 2013
Wen Huang Odd Parity Time-Reversal Violating Order in Cold Bosons PDF
October 31, 2013
Grigory Bednik Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Electron-electron Interactions in Bilayer Graphene PDF
November 7, 2013
Teresa Medina Multiferroics: a magnetic twist for ferroelectricity PDF
November 14, 2013
Dr. Gang Chen (UofT) Symmetry Enriched Quantum Spin Ice With No Sign Problem PDF
November 28, 2013
Mischa Thesberg A Single-Atom Transistor PDF
January 16, 2014
Murray Wilson Topological semimetal and Fermi-arc surface states in the electronic structure of pyrochlore iridates PDF
January 30, 2014
Sedigh Ghamari Kiteav's compass model PDF
April 17, 2014
Dalini Maharaj To be determined PDF
September 18, 2014
Murray Wilson Unconvential Superconductivity in CrAs PDF
October 2, 2014
Gang Chen Charge fluctuations and spin liquids in cluster Mott Insulators PDF
October 9, 2014
Wen Huang Vanishing edge current and angular momentum in non-p-wave topological chiral superconductors PDF
October 23, 2014
Alannah Hallas Measuring the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in a Weak Ferromagnet PDF
November 6, 2014
Sedigh Ghamari Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Fractionalized two-dimensional states on surfaces of three dimensional topological insulators PDF
November 13, 2014
Edwin Kermarrec Exotic magnetism on the frustrated FCC lattice of 4d and 5d double perovskites PDF