The write-up for Phys2X00 should be at least three pages and cover a topic in modern research involving quantum spin. A list of suggested topics follows below with links to some suggested literature. Feel free to come up with your own topic to write about. Please inform me of your choice by February 2nd, 2015. The deadline for submitting the write-up is April 8th, 2015.

The write-up should include: some background about the research and its importance; what were the degrees of freedom used (magnetic dipole moment, spin, polarization, etc.)? how were they manipulated? how was the measurement done? If possible, try to supplement words with equations. The hyperlinks are to original literature and you can get access to the actual papers through the library (check McMaster’s eJournals online). You are likely going to find these papers difficult so try to find more resources online or elsewhere (Wikipedia is often a good starting point — but should not be used solely).


As background information you might also find the following interesting/useful/amusing,