From Classical Physics Into the Quantum World


The course will focus on a simple system, that of a magnetic dipole moment and its interaction with an external magnetic field. Despite its simplicity this system is incredibly important, both in its relevance to current day research as well as a clear lens through which much of the strangeness of quantum mechanics can come into a sharp focus.

The course outline can be found here.

The lectures notes will be posted after class and can be found under lectures.

The course will be pass/fail.
Your pass/fail grade will be based on attendance (50%) and one short writeup of at least three pages (50%). You can find a list of topics for the write-up following this link.

Office Hours (ABB-321)
Monday 2:30 PM
Wednesday 2:30 PM

If you have any questions about the course, please send me emails to my McMaster address. Things are generally busy, so I won’t be able to respond immediately to all inquiries, but I will respond by my e-mail hours listed below.

e-mail Hours
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Mini Schedule – Spring 2015

Date          Topic                            Chapter 
Mon,  5 Jan   Magnetic Dipole Moment    - A simple system         1
Mon, 19 Jan   Quantum spin            - The quantum surprise    2
Mon,  2 Feb   Quantum observables      - What can be measured?   3
Mon, 23 Feb   TBA                       - TBA                     4
Mon,  9 Mar   TBA                       - TBA                     5
Mon, 23 Mar   TBA                       - TBA                     6