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1) The Standard Model: A Primer, C.P. Burgess and G.D. Moore, Cambridge University Press (2006 and updated 2013 to include the Higgs discovery): This graduate textbook uses the Standard Model of particle physics to introduce the techniques of Quantum Field Theory. The intention is to provide in this way both a practical introduction to calculating in field theory, and an introduction to the phenomenology of the Standard Model.

What they’re saying about The Standard Model: A Primer “The Standard Model is a bold, fresh book about attraction, force, unbridled energy and the world of international models. In a nutshell: anything but standard.”


1) Supersymmetry and Supergravity, C.P. Burgess, in the Encyclopedia of Physics (2nd Edition), VCH Publishers, New York, 1991; and Encyclopedia of Physics (3rd Edition), VCH Publishers, New York, 2004.


The following selected review articles are aimed both at the general public

1) String Cosmology: Cosmic Defects in the Lab, C.P. Burgess, Nature Physics 4 (2008) 11;

2) The Great Cosmic Roller-Coaster Ride, C.P. Burgess and F. Quevedo, Scientific American November 2007;

and at more specialized audiences

3) The Cosmological Constant Problem: Why it is Hard to get Dark Energy from Micro-Physics, C.P. Burgess, in the proceedings of the Les Houches Summer School on Post-Planck Cosmology (arXiv:1308.xxxx);

4) Lectures on Cosmic Inflation and its Potential Stringy Realizations, C.P. Burgess, Classical and Quantum Gravity 24 (2007) S795-S852, and Proceedings of Science (arXiv:0708.2865);

5) Introduction to Effective Field Theory, C.P. Burgess, Annual Reviews of Nuclear and Particle Science 57 (2007) 329-362 (hep-th/0701053);

6) Quantum Gravity in Everyday Life: General Relativity as an Effective Field Theory, C.P. Burgess, Living Reviews in Relativity 7 (2004) 5, (gr-qc/0311082);

7) Goldstone and Pseudo-Goldstone Bosons in Nuclear, Particle and Condensed Matter Physics, C.P. Burgess, Physics Reports C330 (2000) 193-261 (hep-th/9808176).