Register your i>clicker unit

Each i>clicker unit has a unique serial number which is transmitted when you answer a question in class. The computer keeps records of answers by serial number. On the other hand, we record marks by MACID. To allow us to match up the lists, you need to register in the i>clicker database.

Use your MACID in the "Student ID" box. For example, if your mcmaster e-mail were, you would write doakesj in the "Student ID" box.

The "Clicker ID" is written on the back of your clicker unit. For current new units, it is 8 letters and digits in very small type just below the bar code.

Write your name on your clicker, or stick a label on it, so you don't get it mixed up with a friend's unit. Write the serial number in permanent ink on the label as well, as the ink on the original label will fade to invisibility in a few weeks. You may use the same unit in several courses; you only need to register once, and every instructor will associate your MACID with your clicker unit.

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