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Dr. Rob Hayes - North Carolina State University


Title: Finding Magic in Retrospective Dosimetry, Radiological Air Monitoring and Health Physics  

Description: This presentation will demonstrate how thermoluminescence, optically stimulated luminescence and electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometry are being used for nuclear nonproliferation, forensics and radiological emergency response research. Also, new physical insights into radiological air monitoring (indirectly related to the WIPP event) will be demonstrated in addition to novel detection approaches. All of this folds into supporting the new Health Physics minor and Graduate Certificate now available at NC State where further exciting developments are currently underway.  

Speaker: Dr. Rob Hayes

Institution: North Carolina State University

Location: ABB-102


Host: Soo Hyun Byun

Location information

102 Abb Ln, Sissonville, WV 25320, USA

United States
West Virginia
Sissonville 25320
102 Abb Lane
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