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Chiral Superconductivity


Title: Chiral Superconductivity

Speaker: Dr. Catherine Kallin,

Institute: McMaster University

Location: ABB 102


Chiral superconductivity is a striking quantum phenomenon in which an unconventional superconductor spontaneously develops an angular momentum, breaking both time-reversal symmetry and parity. It is a topologically non-trivial state which supports distinctive topological modes at surfaces and defects. Sr2RuO4, the best studied example, is thought to be a chiral p-wave superconductor, while UPt3 has been proposed to support a chiral
f-wave superconducting phase. This talk will provide an overview of chiral superconductivity and also highlight recent progress in explaining some of the puzzles in reconciling theoretical models of chiral superconductivity with experiments.

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