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Ripples in the Fabric of the Universe (Public Planetarium Show)


Title: Ripples in the Fabric of the Universe

Location: W.J. McCallion Planetarium, Burke Science Building B149, McMaster University

Description: In February 2016, the experimental detection of gravitational waves was announced, changing the world of observational astronomy forever. This awe-inspiring experiment detected ripples in spacetime itself, allowing us to observe massive objects in space by not only seeing the light that they emit or reflect, but also by detecting the gravitational energy that they produce. Now, we are entering a new era of astronomy where we are able to detect massive catastrophes in space, such as colliding black holes and neutron stars. But what exactly are black holes and neutron stars? How did we manage to detect these fantastic objects? And what even is a "ripple" in "spacetime"? We will answer all of these questions and more, which will hopefully leave you feeling both enlightened and craving to learn even more.

Reserve Tickets: http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/McCallionPlanetarium/

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