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Dr. Kazi Rajibul Islam - University of Waterloo


Title:  Quantumsimulation with trapped ions

Speaker: Dr. Kazi Rayibul Islam

Institute: University of Wateloo

Location: ABB-102

Description: A quantum simulator is a well-controlled quantum system, whose time evolution can be programmed to follow a prescribed Hamiltonian. Laser-cooled trapped ions are among the most versatile experimental platforms for quantum simulation. Internal (hyperfine) states of ions constitute well isolated qubits or spin-1/2 states with long coherence.The spin states can be initialized as well as detected optically with near perfection. Interacting spin Hamiltonians are simulated by laser-driven spin-spin interactions that are mediated by spin-phonon couplings. These interactions can be tuned in magnitude, range, and sign. In this talk, I will describe our experimental effort to develop a quantum simulator where the interaction graph between the spins can be arbitrarily programmed, for studying problems in many-body quantum dynamics.


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