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Dr. Adam Muzzin - York University


Title: Understandingthe Role of Environment in Galaxy Evolution at High Redshift

Speaker: Dr. Adam Muzzin

Institute: York University

Location: ABB-102

Description: Galaxyclusters are high-density environments in the universe where many galaxies havetheir star formation strongly truncated or “quenched”.  Despite years of study,the astrophysics of this quenching process remains one of the most poorlyunderstood aspects of galaxy evolution.  I will present new results on theevolution of cluster galaxies and environmental quenching up to redshift (z) ~1.5 based on data from the GCLASS survey, a 220-hour spectroscopic surveyperformed with Gemini/GMOS.  GCLASS has allowed us to make the firstmeasurement of the quenching timescale for galaxies in clusters at earlytimes.  I will discuss the implications of this measurement, whichsuggests that the physical process by which clusters quench star formation ingalaxies may be changing over cosmic time.  I will also present newresults on these clusters from Hubble Space Telescope WFC3 grism observations. These observations give a much better insight into the physics ofquenching, and also clearly demonstrate that the upcoming Euclid and WFIRSTtelescopes will be extremely powerful for probing the physics of environmentalquenching at high-redshift.


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