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A Timeline of our Universe: From the Big Bang to the Big Freeze (Public Planetarium Show)


Title: A Timeline of our Universe: From the Big Bang to the Big Freeze

Location: W.J. McCallion Planetarium, Burke Science Building B149, McMaster University

Description: Telescopes are time machines. Because light can only travel so fast, when we look at distant objects in the night sky we don't see them as they are now, but as they were when their light was emitted, sometimes millions or billions of years ago. This allows astronomers to study the distant past of our Universe, explaining how our Universe was born, how it came to be the way it is today and how it will look in the distant future. Join us as we explore the history of the Universe -- its bizarre infancy, its dynamic and rowdy adolescence, its awe-inspiring present, its dark future and beyond.

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