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New Faculty Position: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Theoretical or Experimental Physics of Quantum Matter.


New Faculty Position: Tenure-Track Position in Experimental Radiation Physics

Dr. Markus Strobl - Paul Scherrer Institute


Title: The Science of NeutronImaging Today

New Scientific Opportunities through Advanced NeutronImaging

Description: Neutron imaginghas a long history which for many decades was dominated by applications innon-destructive testing, starting shortly after the discovery of the neutron. However,the new millennium saw a swift development of neutron imaging into a much-requestedresearch tool in a wide range of applications and in particular in materialscience alongside established neutron scattering techniques.

Ground breakingdevelopments have been achieved for both basic requirements in imaging, namely resolutionand contrast. The former are mainly driven by technological advances and thelatter by methodical ones. Hence, an insight shall be provided in the state ofthe art enabled by technology as well as instrumentation advancements and suchexploiting novel contrast mechanisms. Together these transformations enablecompletely new science cases in neutron imaging today, but also extend andimprove the potential in conventional and industrial applications. 

Thus, inparticular the novel scientific capabilities and opportunities shall beintroduced and an overview will be provided alongside a number of outstandingand proto-typical investigations and approaches, which also further drive rapidprogress in the field.

Speaker: Dr. Markus Stoble

Institution: Paul Scherrer Institute

Location: ABB-102


Host: Soo-Hyun Byun
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