Submitted Abstracts

GLCabstracts2016_Apr25.xls (Cleaned up version) ( abstracts2016.csv raw)
25 January 2016 17:03:14. Lindsay 1Non-Parametric Fitting of Disk Galaxy Photometry for a Sub-set of CALIFA GalaxiesCapt L. Holmes and K. Spekkens
02 February 2016 20:11:07. Marcel S. Pawlowskimarcel.pawlowski@case.eduCase Western Reserve Universitypostdocunknownyestalk 2The Satellite Galaxy Plane Problem: Biases and Baryons
04 February 2016 17:49:42. Noelia of St Andrews, UKpostdocunknownyestalk 3Why galaxies care about supernova Type Ia?Patricia B. Tissera, Francesca Matteucci
12 February 2016 16:13:03. Chukwuemeka Asogwacasogwa@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloogradyesyesnone
17 February 2016 17:47:20. Michael De Robertismmdr@yorku.caYork Universityfacultyunknownnonone
18 February 2016 09:41:17. Robbert Verbekerobbert.verbeke@ugent.beGhent Universitygradyesyestalk 4Realistic dwarf galaxy simulations with Pop III feedback, and how to “observe” themBert Vandenbroucke, Sven De Rijcke
18 February 2016 14:51:16. Facundo Rodriguezfacundorodriguez128@gmail.comInstituto de Astronomía Teórico y Experimental (IATE)gradyesyesposter 1Using photometric galaxy catalogues to determine the halo occupation distributionManuel Merchán and Mario Agustín Sgró
23 February 2016 05:37:52. Ke-Jung Chenchenken1229@gmail.comNational Observatory of Japanpostdocunknownyestalk 5The First Cosmic Explosions
24 February 2016 13:23:41. Andreas Schmidtaschmidt@mpa-garching.mpg.deMax Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA)gradyesyestalk 6SOPHISTICATE: A new approach on large scale computer simulations
24 February 2016 13:54:46. Natacha Altamiranonaltamirano@pitp.caUniversity of Waterloo/Perimeter Institutegradyesyestalk 7'Perturbations around the Holographic origin of the Big Bang model'Niayesh Afshordi and Robert Mann
26 February 2016 10:18:46. Bert Vandenbrouckebert.vandenbroucke@ugent.beGhent UniversitygradyesyesIf everything goes well, I should have obtained my PhD by the time this workshop 8Shadowfax: a public moving-mesh codeSven De Rijcke
28 February 2016 01:51:18. shahram khosravishahramkhosravi6@yahoo.comAlumus (PhD in physics) of Texas A&M UniversityAlumunsunknownnotalk 9Unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity: Geometrical Nature of Matter and Multiple Levels of Universes
29 February 2016 22:07:09. Derek Inmaninmand@cita.utoronto.caUniversity of Torontogradyesyestalk 10Cold Dark Matter-Neutrino dipole in N-body simulations
01 March 2016 21:11:43. Laura Parkerlparker@mcmaster.caMcMasterfacultyunknownunknownnone
03 March 2016 03:12:17. Boris Krigerkrigerbruce@gmail.comIndependent Scientific Writerwriterunknownnonone
03 March 2016 17:25:43. Oindree Banerjeebanerjee.104@osu.eduOhio State Universitygradyesyesnone
04 March 2016 19:47:50. David Williamsondavid.john.williamson@gmail.comUniversité Lavalpostdocunknownyestalk 11Chemodynamical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies in a Tidal FieldHugo Martel
05 March 2016 09:51:41. kamal Mohammad Bin Fahd Universityfacultyunknownunknowntalk 12Metal-Like Gravity and Cosmology
08 March 2016 03:02:28. Zhengxiang Normal Universitystaffunknownyesnone
08 March 2016 17:28:42. Thomas Quinntrq@astro.washington.eduUniversity of WashingtonfacultyunknownnoI am willing to give a "context" talk, if needed.none
08 March 2016 18:58:02. Honey Mhoneym343@gmail.comIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, Indiagradyesyestalk 13Near-Infrared Imaging of Barred Halo Dominated Low Surface Brightness GalaxiesM. Das, J. P. Ninan, M. Puravankara
10 March 2016 19:14:31. Miao Liml3322@columbia.eduColumbia Univ, Astronomy Deptgradyesyestalk 14How do Supernovae Launch Galactic Winds?Greg Bryan, Jeremiah Ostriker, Renyue Cen, Thorsten Naab
11 March 2016 16:24:35. Chad Bustardbustard@wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin - Madisongradyesyestalk 15A Versatile Family of Galactic Wind ModelsEllen G. Zweibel, Elena D'Onghia
11 March 2016 22:30:58. Federico Lellifederico.lelli@case.eduCase Western Reserve UniversitypostdocunknownyesI would be glad to give a longer talk at the beginning of a session to provide context on galaxy dynamics (rotation curves, dark matter) and/or dwarf galaxies (structure, evolution, etc).talk 16Structure and Dynamics of Nearby Galaxies from SPARCStacy McGaugh (CWRU), James Schombert (Oregon University)
15 March 2016 21:49:52. Sownak for Computational Cosmologygradyesyestalk 17Cosmology with Sterile NeutrinosCarlos Frenk, Cedric Lacey, Hou Jun, Mark Lovell
18 March 2016 17:15:30. Nandan Roynandanroy@hri.res.inHarish-Chandra Research Institutepostdocunknownyesposter 2Dynamical Systems Analysis of Chameleon Cosmology ModelsNarayan Banerjee
22 March 2016 15:50:06. James Taylortaylor@uwaterloo.caUniversity of WaterloofacultyunknownyesWould be willing to give an overview for a sessiontalk 18The Galaxy-Subhalo ConnectionJonathan Grossauer, Jihye Shin and Eric Peng
27 March 2016 15:06:29. Ameek Kaur Sidhusidhuameek@yahoo.comStudentgradyesunknownposter 3Turning the stones-Birth Place of Elements Beyond Iron
28 March 2016 03:54:11. Miles Cranmermiles.cranmer@mail.mcgill.caMcGill Space InstituteUndergraduate Studentunknownyesnone
29 March 2016 16:43:05. Chiamaka Okolic2okoli@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloo/ Perimeter Institutegradyesyestalk 19TBA
01 April 2016 06:43:31. Reju Sam Johnrejusamjohn@pec.eduPEC, Pondicherry University, Indiagradyesyestalk 20Manufacturing cosmic rays in the evolving dynamical states of Galaxy clustersSurajit Paul, Luigi Iapichino, Harish Kumar
03 April 2016 15:53:41. Stephane Courteaucourteau@astro.queensu.caQueen's Universityfacultyunknownnotalk 21Understanding the Tight Scatter in Galaxy Scaling RelationsAaron Dutton (NYU Abu Dhabi)
03 April 2016 17:58:58. Sukhdeep Singhsukhdees@andrew.cmu.eduCarnegie Mellon University, USAgradyesyestalk 22Galaxy-galaxy and galaxy-CMB Lensing with SDSS-III BOSS galaxiesRachel Mandelbaum
04 April 2016 15:47:17. Hugo Martelhmartel@phy.ulaval.caUniversité Lavalfacultyunknownyesnone
05 April 2016 22:58:22. Alex Richingsa.j.richings@northwestern.eduNorthwestern Universitypostdocunknownyestalk 23Non-equilibrium chemistry in simulations of galaxy formation
06 April 2016 03:25:26. Rhea Kapoorbkapoor@mimasic.comPESH, Plano, TXResearcherunknownyesposter 4An Efficient Method for the Statistical Prediction of Astronomical ObjectsDr. Bhanu Kapoor
07 April 2016 11:41:12. Tetyana Nykytyuknikita@mao.kiev.uaMain Astronomical Observatory NAS Ukrainepostdocunknownnotalk 24Tracing of the chemical evolution of the massive elliptical galaxy NGC 3377 using a merger scenario
11 April 2016 15:45:56. Jonathan D Sloanejdsloane@physics.rutgers.eduRutgers Universitygradyesyestalk 25Using Galaxy Simulations to Quantify the Uncertainty in Direct Detection of Dark MatterAlyson Brooks, Matthew Buckley, Fabio Governato
12 April 2016 11:29:13. Amandine Le Brunamandine.le-brun@cea.frCEA Saclay Service d'Astrophysiquepostdocunknownyestalk 26Simulating the evolution of the most massive galaxy clusters since redshift 1Romain Teyssier, Monique Arnaud, Gabriel Pratt
14 April 2016 11:28:17. Claes-Erik Rydbergmail@utte.nuHeidelberg Universitypostdocunknownunknowntalk 27The search for high-redshift primordial objects
14 April 2016 19:21:09. Michael Tremmelmjt29@uw.eduUniversity of Washingtongradyesyestalk 28Dancing to ChaNGa: Supermassive Black Hole Mergers in RomulusFabio Governato, Tom Quinn, Marta Volonteri, Andrew Pontzen
18 April 2016 18:46:13. Aaron E. Watkinsaew54@case.eduCase Western Reserve Universitygradnoyestalk 29Testing galaxy evolution through deep imagingJ. Christopher Mihos, Paul Harding, John J. Feldmeier
18 April 2016 19:05:02. Jay Franckjrf110@case.eduCase Western Reserve Universitygradnoyesposter 5The Candidate Cluster and Protocluster Catalog (CCPC) : Spectroscopically Identified Structures Spanning 2 < z < 6.6Stacy McGaugh
18 April 2016 20:43:32. J Richard Bondbond@cita.utoronto.caCITA Univ of Torontofacultyunknownyestalk 30Polarization at Low Multipoles from the Planck HFI Instrument and the Reionization Epoch of the Universefor the Planck Collaboration
18 April 2016 22:32:21. Michael Foleymfoley7@nd.eduUniversity of Notre DameUndergraduateunknownyesposter 6Revised Uncertainties in Big Bang NucleosynthesisNishanth Sasankan, Motohiko Kusabake, Grant J. Mathews
19 April 2016 00:28:09. Matthew Johnsonmatthewj@yorku.caYork University and Perimeter Institutefacultyunknownnotalk 31Constraining cosmological ultra-large scale structure using numerical relativityJ. Braden, H. Peiris, and A. Aguirre
19 April 2016 13:26:10. Ian Robertsroberid@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyesposter 7A Product of their Halo Environment: How galaxy properties depend on group X-ray luminosity and dynamical stateLaura Parker, Ananthan Karunakaran
19 April 2016 13:31:15. Jesse Golden-Marxjessegm@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan, Department of Astronomygradnoyestalk 32The Impact of Environment on the Stellar Mass - Halo Mass RelationChristopher J. Miller
19 April 2016 15:04:07. Angus Mokmokakf@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyestalk 33Comparing the ISM and Star Formation Properties of Nearby Spiral Galaxies in Different EnvironmentsChristine Wilson
19 April 2016 15:30:39. Meagan Langlangmm.astro@gmail.comNCSA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaignpostdocunknownyestalk 34The Non-parametric Concentration of Dark Matter Halos in Cosmological N-body SimulationsKelly Holley-Bockelmann, Manodeep Sinha
19 April 2016 15:44:02. Niayesh Afshordinafshordi@pitp.caUniversity of Waterloo and Perimeter Institutefacultyunknownnotalk 35Probing Dark Matter NanostructureJesus Zavala (University of Iceland)
19 April 2016 17:58:01. Mansour Karamikarami.mansour@gmail.comUniversity of Waterloogradyesyesnone
19 April 2016 19:58:17. Hui Lihliastro@umich.eduUniversity of Michigangradyesnotalk 36Star cluster formation in cosmological simulationsProf. Oleg Y. Gnedin
20 April 2016 03:04:46. Kazuyuki University (Japan)gradnoyestalk 37A survey for over-density regions through high-z DLAsTohru Nagao (Ehime Univ.), Masatoshi Imanishi, Nobunari Kashikawa (NAOJ), Yoshiaki Taniguchi (The Open Univ. of Japan), Masaru Kajisawa (Ehime Univ.), Masakazu Kobayashi (NIT Kure), Yoshiki Toba (ASIAA), and Kodai Nobuhara (Ehime Univ.)
20 April 2016 07:06:53. Dritan Kodradrk36@pitt.eduUniversity of Pittsburghgradyesyestalk 38Statistical methods for photo-z improvements with CANDELS
20 April 2016 11:43:35. Mike Hudsonmjhudson@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloofacultyunknownyestalk 39Dark matter halos and large-scale filaments from weak gravitational lensing
20 April 2016 17:02:55. Stephen Pardyspardy@astro.wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin - Madisongradyesyestalk 40Tidal Interaction between the Magellanic Clouds: A Challenge for their Past OrbitsElena D'Onghia, Lia Athanassoula, Kartik Sheth, Eric Wilcots
21 April 2016 07:34:41. Elisabetta Universitypostdocunknownyestalk 41The Herschel-ATLAS survey: main results and data releaseSteve Eales
21 April 2016 15:37:29. Christina PetersChristina.M.Peters@drexel.eduDrexel Universitygradyesyestalk 42The Quasar Luminosity Function without Spectra using Classi cation by Color and Variability
21 April 2016 17:52:47. Niloufar Javid Khalilijavidkn@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyesnone
21 April 2016 19:11:41. Gwendolyn Eadieeadiegm@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyestalk 43A Hierarchical Bayesian Method for Determining the Galactic Mass ProfileWilliam Harris, Aaron Springford
21 April 2016 19:47:45. Emmet Golden-Marxemmetgm@bu.eduBoston University Astronomy Departmentgradyesyestalk 44The High-Redshift COBRA Galaxy Cluster SurveyElizabeth Blanton, Rachel Paterno-Mahler, Josh Wing, Matt Ashby, Mark Brodwin, & Gagandeep Anand
21 April 2016 20:12:35. Emmet Golden-Marxemmetgm@bu.eduBoston University Astronomy Departmentgradyesyestalk 45The High-Redshift COBRA Galaxy Cluster SurveyElizabeth Blanton, Rachel Paterno-Mahler, Josh Wing, Matt Ashby, Mark Brodwin, & Gagandeep Anand
21 April 2016 20:32:45. Jacob Bauerjake.bauer.2.71828@gmail.comQueen's Universitygradyesyestalk 46Growing Disks in Cosmological Zoom-in SimulationsLarry Widrow, Denis Erkal
21 April 2016 20:48:11. Ananthan Karunakaran15ak57@queensu.caQueen's Universitygradnoyesposter 8HI observations of NGC 3109's Satellites: Connecting to Cosmology
21 April 2016 23:13:21. Nishanth Sasankannisaxaxa@gmail.comUniversity Of Notre Damegradyesunknowntalk 47Constraints on Dark Radiation from BBN and CMBMayukh Gangopadhyay, Grant . J. Mathews
21 April 2016 23:32:41. Haoranhaoran@cita.utoronto.caCanadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysicspostdocunknownyestalk 48Differential Neutrino Condensation onto Cosmic StructureJ.D. Emberson, Derek Inman, Ue-Li Pen, Joachim Harnois-Déraps et al.
22 April 2016 03:00:12. George Steingstein@cita.utoronto.caCITA, University of Torontogradyesyestalk 49Primordial non-Gaussianity with Large Scale StructureJ.R. Bond, M. Alvarez, Z. Huang, P. Berger
22 April 2016 03:48:41. Bekir Baytasbekirbyts@gmail.comThe Pennsylvania State Universitygradyesyestalk 50Space of bispectra for single clock inflation
22 April 2016 04:53:17. Zimu Khakhaleva-Lizimu@uchicago.eduUniversity of Chicagogradyesyestalk 51Cosmic Reionization On Computers. Ultraviolet Continuum Slopes and Dust Opacities in High Redshift GalaxiesNickolay Y. Gnedin
22 April 2016 04:55:15. Gandhali Joshijoshigd@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyestalk 52Hidden in plain sight: Mass segregation using galaxy analogues in simulations
22 April 2016 08:31:41. Jacobo Asoreyjasorey@illinois.eduUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignpostdocunknownunknowntalk 53Measuring Large Scale Structure with photometric surveys using angular correlations
22 April 2016 13:16:43. Ryley Hillryleyhill@phas.ubc.caUniversity of British Columbiagradyesyesposter 9The spectrum of the UniverseDouglas Scott, Kiyoshi Masui
22 April 2016 14:35:29. Tim Hainesthaines@astro.wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin-Madisongradyesyestalk 54Detecting the Presence of Dark Matter in a Wobbling DiskElena D'Onghia
22 April 2016 14:47:38. Anastasia Kasparovaanastasya.kasparova@gmail.comSternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State Universitypostdocunknownunknowntalk 55Dark matter – dark methodsAnna Saburova, Ivan Katkov
22 April 2016 17:54:42. Rongpu Zhourongpu.zhou@pitt.eduUniversity of Pittsburghgradyesyestalk 56Developing photo-z testbed data for LSSTJeffrey Newman
22 April 2016 18:31:52. Chris Wilsonwilson@physics.mcmaster.caMcMasterfacultyunknownyesnone
22 April 2016 18:40:22. Nathan Brunettibrunettn@mcmaster.caMcMaster Physics & Astronomygradnoyesposter 10An ALMA Archival Study of the Core Mass Function in the LMCChristine D. Wilson
22 April 2016 18:42:31. Ashley Bemisbemisa@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyestalk 57Investigating Dense Gas and Star Formation in the Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/39) using ALMAChristine Wilson, Maximillien Schirm
22 April 2016 18:49:50. Catherine Fieldercef41@pitt.eduUniversity of Pittsburghgradyesyestalk 58Spin Correlation within Milky Way Satellites, Jeffrey A. Newman, Andrew R. Zentner, Yao-Yuan Mao, Timothy C. Licquia
22 April 2016 19:00:32. Marcel van Daalenmarcel@berkeley.eduUC Berkeley/LBLpostdocunknownyestalk 59Constraining Galaxy Formation Through ClusteringBruno Henriques, Raul Angulo, Simon White
22 April 2016 19:36:02. Rachel Paterno-Mahlerrachelpm@umich.eduUniversity of Michiganpostdocunknownyestalk 60Swift Initial Characterization of a Strong Lens Cluster SampleKeren Sharon, Matt Bayliss, Michael Gladders, Traci Johnson, Hakon Dahle
22 April 2016 19:37:12. Ben Kellerkellerbw@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyestalk 61Superbubbles, Supernovae, and Deregulating Galaxies: Too Big Not to FailJames Wadsley
22 April 2016 19:45:03. Ryan Plestidplestird@mcmaster.caMcMaster University & Perimeter Institutegradnoyesposter 11The Role of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter in Neutrino Osscilations
22 April 2016 19:52:59. Harisah Mehmoodharisah.mehmood@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloogradyesyestalk 62Morphological changes in galaxies within cluster environmentsDr. Mike Hudson
22 April 2016 20:36:28. Xin Wangxwang@cita.utoronto.caCITApostdocunknownyestalk 63On the Statistical Equivalence of the Large-scale Structure
22 April 2016 20:45:04. Paul Charltonpcharlton@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloogradyesyestalk 64Dark Matter Halos and Galaxy MorphologyMike Hudson, Michael Balogh
22 April 2016 20:57:10. Eric Bellericbell@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan AstronomyfacultyunknownyesI have two other group members hopefully coming - Adam Smercina and Brian Devourtalk 65Supermassive black holes as the regulators of star formation in galaxiesBryan Terrazas, Bruno Henriques, Simon White
22 April 2016 20:59:45. Traci Johnsontljohn@umich.eduUniversity of Michigangradnoyestalk 66Resolving the physical scale of star formation in a lensed galaxy at z=2.5Keren Sharon, Michael Gladders, Jane Rigby, Matthew Bayliss, Eva Wuyts, Katherine Whitaker, Michael Florian, Katherine Murray
22 April 2016 23:42:44. Brian Devourbdevour@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan Astronomy Departmentgradnoyestalk 67Measuring Dust and Inclination Effects on the Luminosities and Structures of GalaxiesEric Bell
23 April 2016 03:05:45. Arka Banerjeeabanerj6@illinois.eduUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigngradyesunknowntalk 68Cosmological Simulations with ``Hot" ParticlesNeal Dalal
23 April 2016 03:07:20. Sandrine Codiscodis@cita.utoronto.caCITApostdocunknownnoI can attend the workshop only on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21sttalk 69Galaxy clustering in the large-deviation regime
23 April 2016 03:10:50. Adam Smercinaasmerci@umich.eduUniversity of Michigangradyesunknownposter 12The Resolved Stellar Halo of M81: Insights from SubaruEric Bell, Colin Slater, Jeremy Bailin
23 April 2016 03:22:51. Susmita Adhikarisadhika2@illinois.eduUIUCgradyesunknowntalk 70Splashback in accreting dark matter halosNeal Dalal, Robert Chamberlain
23 April 2016 03:41:08. Dan Taranudan.taranu@icrar.orgICRAR/UWApostdocunknownyestalk 71Modelling and simulating galaxies with SAMI
23 April 2016 05:55:50. Philippe Bergerpberger@cita.utoronto.caCITAgradyesyestalk 72Simulating cosmic 21 cm emission below the resolution scaleM. Alvarez, J. R. Bond, G. Stein
23 April 2016 13:01:20. Samantha Benincasabenincsm@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyestalk 73Pressure-driven regulation of star formation iin simulated galaxiesJames Wadsley, Hugh Couchman, Ben Keller
23 April 2016 15:48:09. Joel RoedigerJoel.Roediger@nrc-cnrc.gc.caNRC Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysicspostdocunknownyestalk 74A Newfound Behaviour in the Red Sequence Towards Low Galaxy MassesLaura Ferrarese, Pat Cote
25 April 2016 21:43:45. James Wadsleywadsley@mcmaster.caMcMasterRight BackUniversalyesImpeccableSirSeveral
25 April 2016 21:56:59.Stephen Turnbulls4turnbu@uwaterloo.caUniversity of WaterloogradyesyesWhere might one find an editable and executable version of "galaxy_smash.js"? adding colour and shape effects for radial vs tangential velocity and total binding energy would be 75Peculiar Velocities as probes of gravity, and growth of structureDr. Mike Hudson
26 April 2016 16:31:08. Nicole Drakosndrakos@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloogradyesyesnone
26 April 2016 21:28:23. Oladotun Akinfolajimioladotunakinfolajimi@gmail.comUniversity of Cergy Pontoise, Francegradyesyesnone
27 April 2016 16:57:04. Nicole Drakosndrakos@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloogradyesyestalk 76Energy truncation of NFW profiles as a possible explanation for tidally stripped halo density profilesJames E. Taylor
27 April 2016 19:40:51. Chengyu Xichengyuxi34@gmail.comUniversity of Waterloogradnoyesnone
28 April 2016 12:25:29. Michael Petersenmpete0@astro.umass.eduUniversity of Massachusetts at Amherstgradnounknowntalk 77Dark Matter Trapping by Stellar Bars: The Shadow BarMartin D. Weinberg, Neal Katz
28 April 2016 16:26:43. arianna di cintioarinna.dicintio@dark-cosmology.dkDARK cosmology centrepostdocunknownunknowntalk 78tba
29 April 2016 01:54:34. Varsha Kulkarnikulkarni@sc.eduUniversity of South CarolinafacultyunknownyesI apologize for the delay in sending the registration. Please let me know if a talk is still 79Probing the evolution of gas in and around galaxiesCeline Peroux and Debopam Som (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille), Sean Morrison (Univ. of South Carolina), Donald York (Univ. of Chicago), Samuel Quiret (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille), et al.
29 April 2016 11:01:29. Prakriti Pal Choudhuryprakritipc@gmail.comDepartment of Physics(Astrophysics), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Indiagradyesyestalk 80Galaxy formation in cool-core clustersPrakriti Pal Choudhury, Prateek Sharma
29 April 2016 18:25:24. Duncan Wattsdwatts@jhu.eduJohns Hopkins UniversitygradyesyesI realize this is a late submission, so please let me know if you won't be able to fit me into the 81Measuring the Largest Angular Scale CMB B-mode Polarization with Galactic Foregrounds on a Cut SkyDavid Larson, Tobias A. Marriage, Maximilian H. Abitbol, John W. Appel, Charles L. Bennett, David T. Chuss, Joseph R. Eimer, Thomas Essinger-Hileman, Nathan J. Miller, Karwan Rostem, Edward J. Wollack
29 April 2016 19:28:32. Karim Jafferkarim.jaffer@johnabbott.qc.caJohn Abbott College, Bishop's Universityfacultyunknownyesnone
02 May 2016 16:00:52. Nandan Roynandanroy@hri.res.inHarish-Chandra Research Institutepostdocunknownyesposter 13Dynamical systems study of Chameleon scalar fieldNarayan Banerjee
02 May 2016 16:52:12. Marcelo Alvarezmalvarez@cita.utoronto.caCITAstaffunknownyestalk 82A Fast Pipeline for Full Sky Mock ObservationsDick Bond, George Stein, Phil Berger, Nick Battaglia
03 May 2016 16:39:47. Isabel Santos-Santosisabelm.santos@uam.esDept. Fisica Teorica, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Españagradyesyestalk 83The distribution of mass components in simulated galaxies: matching the BTFR and diversity of rotation curve shapesChris Brook, Arianna Di Cintio, Rosa Dominguez-Tenreiro, NIHAO collaboration
04 May 2016 15:20:23. Isabel Santos-Santosisabelm.santos@uam.esDept. Fisica Teorica, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Españagradyesyestalk 84Dust emission in simulated dwarf galaxies using GRASIL3DSantos-Santos, Isabel M.; Domínguez-Tenreiro, Rosa; Granato, Gian Luigi; Brook, Chris; Obreja, Aura
04 May 2016 17:33:16. Azi Fattahiazadehf@uvic.caUniversity of Victoria, Victoria, BCgradyesyesI am travelling from BC. Any travel funding is highly 85The cold dark matter content of Galactic dwarf spheroials: no cores, no problemJulio Navarro, Kyle Oman, Carlos Frenk, Till Sawala
05 May 2016 11:16:02. Sijing of Cambridgepostdocunknownyesnone
05 May 2016 21:50:17. Andrew College Londonfacultyunknownyestalk 86Understanding quenching using a new approach to galaxy formation simulationsMichael Tremmel, Nina Roth, Fabio Governato, Amelie Saintonge, Hiranya Peiris
06 May 2016 14:13:51. Aaron, Durham UniversitypostdocunknownyesI spoke via email with James Wadsley. He mentioned that the talk schedule is finished, but that it may possibly be reworked if some attendees back out. If you wouldn't mind, please add my title to the back-up list and let me know when you have a better idea of whether or not there will be room to fit it in - it may bear on whether I can attend or not. (For now I just provide a tentative title/abstract which will be reworked if I'm able to present.)talk 87Toward a holisitc model for dark matter halo structure
09 May 2016 04:02:37. Arya Farahiaryaf@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arborgradyesnotalk 88Forward modeling of clusters number countsAugust Evrard
10 May 2016 04:51:37. Pritpal Kaur Sandhuphysicspritpal04@gmail.comIndian Institute of Technology IndoregradyesnoDear Professor, Kindly, give me the opportunity for giving oral 89C & X−Band observations of the peculiar cluster MACS J0417.5−1154 from ATCASiddharth Malu
10 May 2016 14:25:55. Abdul Basitmynewphysics@gmail.comAligarh Muslim UniversitygradyesnoI am the person for whom this workshop may be breakthrough and surely you have to surprised by academic approach in concerned field.none
18 May 2016 16:48:47. Nathan Goldbaumngoldbau@illinois.eduUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignpostdocunknownyestalk 90Mass Transport and ISM Phase Balance in Simulations of Gravitationally Unstable Disk GalaxiesMark Krumholz, John Forbes, Kacper Kowalik, Matt Turk
18 May 2016 21:43:50. Anita Bahmanyarbahmanyar@astro.utoronto.caDepartment of Astronomy and Astrophysics at University of Torontogradyesyesnone
19 May 2016 14:23:39. Chiamaka Okolic2okoli@uwaterloo.caUniversity of Waterloo/Perimeter InstitutegradyesyesI had registered earlier without a title for my talk and abstract. I have included the title and abstract 91Concentration, ellipsoidal collapse, and the densest dark matter haloesNiayesh Afshordi
19 May 2016 18:03:45. Fraser Evansevansfa@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyesposter 14Red Misfits in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyLaura Parker
20 May 2016 17:32:12. He Haoexplorationdiscovery@outlook.comMcMaster UniversityMITACS summer studentunknownyesnone
21 May 2016 01:24:21. James Mertensjbm120@case.eduCase Western Reserve UniversitygradyesyesWould like to have a poster if a talk is not 92Computing Observables in an Inhomogeneous Universe using Numerical RelativityJohn T. Giblin, Jr, Glenn D. Starkman
23 May 2016 21:34:54. tuyetscantleburyfanaticalcamper54@mail.ruPAfacultynonotalk 93Nigerians support authorities’s desire for a budget that is realistic
25 May 2016 13:26:34. Niloufar Javid KhaliliJavidkn@mcmaster.caMcMaster Universitygradnoyesnone
31 May 2016 02:51:01. Matthew Youngyoung@astro.utoronto.caDunlap Institutegradnonoposter 15Constraining cosmological temperature evolution with Advanced ACTpol
31 May 2016 18:14:53. Thomas Universitygradnoyesnone
31 May 2016 21:35:57. Joey Rucskajoey.rucska@hotmail.caMcMaster Universitygradyesyesnone
15 June 2016 16:35:15. Daniela Carollodcaroll1@nd.eduDept. of Physics and JINA Center for the Evolution of the Elements - University of Notre Dame - USAfacultyunknownyesGluten Free Menutalk 94The age structure of the Milky Way's halo
15 June 2016 21:31:41. Laura S. Chajetlchajet@yorku.caYork UniversityResearch Assistant (temporary)unknownyesnone
20 June 2016 01:26:15. Chengyu Xichengyuxi34@gmail.comUniversity of Waterloogradnononone
20 June 2016 01:57:00. Jasper Grondgrondjj@mcmaster.caMcMastergradnononone
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