Welcome to the physics computing resources page

The Research & High-Performance Computing Services (RHPCS) group provides computing serivces for the McMaster Physics Department.

Please see our Physics Computing FAQ for more information regarding our services. Please note that the FAQ page can only be viewed from a computer on the physics subnet, or from a computer connected to McMaster through VPN. See McMaster VPN page for instructions regarding installing and using the VPN.

For questions about updating the department website, contact the department webmaster, Ryszard Dabkowski at webmaster@physics.mcmaster.ca

You can contact RHPCS Physics Computing support at sysadmin@physics.mcmaster.ca

For questions related to MacID, univmail, MUSS, anti-virius software and general campus wide computing questions, please contact UTS. Their helpline is x24357. You can also send mail to uts@mcmaster.ca, or check UTS website . UTS is located at BSB room 245.

For computing questions related to teaching, such as Avenue To Learn, please contact CLL. Their webside is at Centre for Leadership in Learning and Learning Technologies Resource Centre You will be able find contact information by click their "Contact Us" link.