Application and Registration

I don't identify as a woman. Can I still attend this conference?

Yes! Applications are in no way affected by your gender or sexual identity, all are welcome.

I'm not a physics major. Can I still attend?

Yes! Please do apply. If there are too many applications, however, preference will be given to undergraduate physics students.

Are "application" and "registration" the same thing?

No. You apply to attend a CUWiP conference (the one closest to you, McMaster being the only Canadian site), and you are accepted, wait-listed or declined according to the priorities listed above. Application is free, and the deadline is October 22, 2016, midnight ET. After you have been accepted, you then register with the conference to confirm that you will actually be attending. The registration form includes questions about dietary restrictions, special needs, etc.

What if I cannot afford the $35 registration fee?

Please email us at when you apply.

I attended last year; can I come to this year’s conference, too?

The content of this year’s conference won’t be exactly the same as last year’s, so you can attend again. However, if we receive more applications than we can accommodate, preference will be given to students who haven’t attended before.

I'm from Canada, but a US CUWiP site is closer to me than McMaster (Hamilton, ON). Can I apply there instead?

Students from Canada are strongly encouraged to apply to the Canadian site. If they wish, however, they may apply to closer U.S. sites. Keep in mind that Canadian students accepted to U.S. sites are not eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses or any other costs; you must fund everything yourself.

When will I find out if I am accepted?

Acceptance emails will be sent out early November. Be sure to register by November 18.

Travel and Accommodation

Where will we be staying during the conference?

Participants will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hamilton. The hotel rooms will have 4 participants staying in each, sharing two queen sized beds. When accepted, your registration form will ask about any friends also coming who you would prefer to share a room with. If you cannot share a bed with another attendee for medical or personal reasons, please email us upon being accepted to discuss options. If you would like to stay with a friend or relative in the city, there will be a section in the registration form where you can specify this.

How will we be going from the hotel to campus?

When you check in on Friday night, we will give you a badge that will serve as a pass for Hamilton's public transport system (HSR) all weekend. Please feel free to use it for exploring the city and surrounding area.

Do I need to book my travel before registering?

No, but you should have an estimate of the cost. If you are traveling by air and your travel cost is not covered by your department, your airfare must be approved by the conference organizers before you book your travel. Due to the limited nature of our travel funds, we ask that you find the most economical means of transportation to and from the conference.

How can I get to Hamilton?

You can fly in to the Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Toronto, or take a Via Rail or GO bus train there. From Toronto, the recommended route is taking the #16 Express GO bus to Hamilton. The hotel (Crowne Plaza) is a few blocks from the GO station downtown.

You can also fly to the Hamilton International Airport, take a Via rail or GO train, or take a GO or Greyhound bus directly to Hamilton.

Can I come late? Can I leave early? Can I skip things that I’m not interested in?

Because CCUWiP and/or your department are taking on the costs of travel and the conference, it is expected of you to attend all of the events as scheduled. The only optional events are the tours on Sunday afternoon, during which time you are welcome to explore Hamilton on your own if desired. If you have special circumstances and will have to miss events, please contact us to discuss them.

What if I have a special request (accommodations, special needs, food allergies and/or restrictions, etc)?

We will have a section in the registration form where you can state your requests. We will try our best to accommodate your needs. If you have further concerns, please email us at

Can I bring a sibling or child to the conference with me?

Please email us to discuss your needs and personal situation. McMaster University has several childcare services in the area, which you can find here.

Poster Session

Do I need to have research to present in order to attend the conference?

No. While we encourage you to present a talk or a poster if you have been involved in research, you are welcome just to attend the conference and participate in the activities. Offering to present a poster will not affect your chances of being selected to attend.

What kinds of things can I present?

You can present any kind of physics research that you have done. This can be summer research, honours work, research done at a job placement, or even research that you have done for a class. If you’re unsure as to whether your research is suitable, email us and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

What will the poster session be like?

The poster session will involve the posters being set up in a large room, alongside booths from graduate schools, physics organizations, and sponsors. Participants will be circulating through the room looking at the posters and booths. If you are presenting a poster, you should be at your poster for roughly half of the session to elaborate on your research.

Other FAQs

What is the dress code?

The conference will not have a dress code, but we encourage participants to dress neatly & professionally. Please remember that the conference will be in the middle of winter, and we will be walking across campus and taking public transport. Be prepared for the weather! | © 2016 McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society | McMaster University, ABB 201
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