Student Application

How does an undergraduate student apply for CCUWiP?

Applications and registration are now closed. You should have been emailed with the results of your application.

To keep the cost of registation accessible to all CCUWiP attendees, we could only accept 120 of the ~170 applications we received this year (40 more spots than 2016!). Priority was first given to undergraduate physics students, then to those who haven't attended the conference before, and then to upper year students. Beyond those criteria, your why statement was used to to rank your application relative to others who met the same criteria.

To those who were not accepted this year, we hope to see you at future CCUWiP conferences as your priority and the conference size is likely to increase!

To those who have registered, we are excited to see you at CCUWiP 2017!

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Thanks for applying!
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