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Recommended Articles for Future Talks
Please contact coordinator for approval of articles not on the list.

    Stellar populations in star clusters. Chengyuan Li, Richard de Grijs and Licai Den. arXiv:1609.00894

    Star Cluster Formation and Destruction in the Merging Galaxy NGC 3256. A. Mulia, R. Chandar and B. C. Whitmore. ApJ 826 (2016)

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone: The Mid-Infrared Properties of Poststarburst Galaxies. K. Alatalo et al. arXiv:1608.00256

    Planet Hunters IX. KIC 8462852 - where's the flux? T. S. Boyajian et al. MNRAS 457 (2016)

    Evidence for a distant giant planet in the solar system. Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown. AJ 151 (2016)

    The age of the young bulge-like population in the stellar system Terzan5: linking the Galactic bulge to the high-z Universe. F. R. Ferraro et al. ApJ in press (2016)

    A New Milky Way Satellite Discovered in the Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey. Daisuke Homma et al. ApJ 832 (2016)