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Archive of Previous Talks
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Spring 2008

15 AprilHuirong Yan Nonlinear Cosmic ray transport and acceleration in MHD turbulence, invited talk. View
8 AprilBrendan Sinnott Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Imaging of Red and Blue Galaxies at z ~ 2.5: A Correlation between Size and Star Formation Activity from Compact Quiescent Galaxies to Extended Star-forming Galaxies, by S. Toft et al. ApJ 671 (2007) 285-302. View
8 AprilChris Wilson Dynamical Properties of z ~ 2 Star-forming Galaxies and a Universal Star Formation Relation, by N. Bouché et al. ApJ 671 (2007) 303-9.View
1 AprilJen Golding The Observed Properties of Dark Matter on Small Spatial Scales, by Girard Gilmore et al. ApJ 663 (2007) 948G.View
25 MarchEthan VishniacTopic: Disk Dynamos and the Origin of Magnetic Fields in GalaxiesView
18 MarchAnnie HouSignificant primordial star formation at redshifts z ~ 3 4, by R. Jimenez and Z. Haiman. Nature 440 7083 (2006) 501-4.View
11 MarchRachel AndersonThe Distance to the Orion Nebula, by K. M. Menton et al. A&A 474 (2007) 515M.View
4 MarchMarina RejkubaTalk Title: High M/L ratios in the most massive globular clusters and in ultra-compact dwarf galaxies?View
26 FebruaryVictor AroraThe Nature of the Dense Core Population in the Pipe Nebula: Thermal Cores Under Pressure, by C. J. Lada et al. ApJ 672 (2008) 410-22.View
12 FebruaryKai CaiSelf-gravitating fragmentation of eccentric accretion disks, by R.D.Alexander, P.J.Armitage, J.Cuadra, and M.C.Begelman. ApJ in press. View
12 FebruaryPam KlaassenH2O and OH gas in the terrestrial planet-forming zones of protoplanetary disks, by C. Salyk et al. ApJ in press. View
22 JanuaryBill HarrisTopic: Intermediate Mass Black Holes
15 JanuaryStephane CourteauTalk Title: "Puzzles in Galaxy Scaling Relations"

Fall 2007

14 DecemberNicole WitykProbing the Galaxy with Superbubbles: 3D Simulations, invited talk.View
12 DecemberPhilippe BoisvertAn asteroid breakup 160 Myr ago as the probable source of the K/T impactor, by W. F. Bottke, D. Vokrouhlický, and D. Nesvorný. Nature 449 (2007) 48-53View
5 DecemberYasuhiro HasegawaThe development of a protoplanetary disk from its natal envelope, by D. M. Watson, C. J. Bohac, C. Hull, W. J. Forrest, E. Furlan, J. Najita, N. Calvet, P. D'Alessio, L. Hartmann, B. Sargent, J. D. Green, K. H. Kim, and J. R. Houck. Nature 448 7157 (2007) 1026-8.View
5 DecemberGreg StinsonToward an Understanding of the Rapid Decline of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate, by E. F. Bell, C. Papovich, C. Wolf, E. Le Floc'h, J. A. Caldwell, M. Barden, E. Egami, D. H. McIntosh, K. Meisenheimer, P. G. Pérez-González, G. H. Rieke, M. J. Rieke, J. R. Rigby, and H.-W. Rix. ApJ 665 1 (2005) 23-36.View
28 NovemberDavid KirshRapid planetesimal formation in turbulent circumstellar disks, by A. Johansen, J. S. Oishi, M-M. M. Low, H. Klahr, T. Henning, and A. Youdin. Nature 448 7157 (2007) 1022-5.View
21 NovemberBrad WarrenSpitzer IRAC Confirmation of z850-Dropout Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field: Stellar Masses and Ages at z ~ 7, by I. Labbe et al. ApJ 649 2 (2006) L67-L70.View
21 NovemberPatrick RogersThe Spitzer c2d Survey of Weak-Line T Tauri Stars. II. New Constraints on the Timescale for Planet Building, by L.Cieza et al. ApJ 667 1 (2007) 308-28.View
14 NovemberLaura ParkerCorrelation of the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays with Nearby Extragalactic Objects, by the Pierre Auger Collaboration. Science 318 5852 (2007) 938-43.View
14 NovemberCharles-Philippe LajoieThe type Ia supernova SNLS-03D3bb from a super-Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf star, by D. A. Howell et al. Nature 443 (2006) 308-11.View
7 NovemberLindsay OasterA giant planet orbiting the "extreme horizontal branch" star V391 Pegasi, by R. Silvotti et al. Nature 449-7159 (2007) 189-91.View
7 NovemberSijing ShenA turbulent wake as a tracer of 30,000 years of Mira's mass loss history, by D. C. Martin et al. Nature 448 (2007) 780-3.View
31 OctoberJuan MadridThe Outburst of HST-1 in the M87 Jet, by D. E. Harris et al. ApJ 640 (2006) 211-8.View
24 OctoberJeremy BailinOptical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts: a bimodal distribution?, by M. Nardini, G. Ghisellini, and G. Ghirlanda. MNRAS in press (2007).ViewDownload
24 OctoberRob CockcroftTalk Title: "Dark Matter Galaxy in the Virgo Cluster"
The existence and detection of optically dark galaxies by 21-cm surveys, by J. I. Davies, M. J. Disney, R. F. Minchin, R. Auld, and R. Smith. MNRAS 368 (2006) 1479-88.
A Dark Hydrogen Cloud in the Virgo Cluster, by R. Minchin et al. ApJ 622 (2005) L21-4.

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17 OctoberMatt LowIs the sky falling? Searching for stellar streams in the local Milky Way disc in the CORAVEL and RAVE surveys, by G. M. Seabroke et al. MNRAS in press (2007).View
10 OctoberNicolas PetitclercA collisional family of icy objects in the Kuiper belt, by M. E. Brown, K. M. Barkume, D. Ragozzine, and E. L. Schaller. Nature 446 (2007) 294-6.View
3 OctoberDaid KahlDiscovery of HE 1523-0901, a strongly r-process-enhanced metal-poor star with detected uranium, by A. Frebel, N. Christlieb, J. E. Norris, C. Thom, T. C. Beers, and J. Rhee. ApJ 660 (2007) L117-20.ViewDownload