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History of Ideas, Science and Technology Research and Education Network

The field of history of science spans faculties, disciplines, cultures, and ages. History of science puts our modern endeavours into perspective and social context, sheds light on our approaches and ethics, brings to life the names in our textbooks, and provides inspiration for our students. Currently at McMaster, researchers who count history or philosophy of science and technology among their research interests are spread across departments and faculties, and are sometimes unaware of each others' work. In parallel, undergraduate and graduate students currently have little access to research expertise in these historical areas which would enrich their own understanding of their (modern) fields of study.

HISTReENet aims to address these problems by creating a network of interested individuals, a forum for exchange of ideas, and a venue for guest speakers. HISTReENet creates a sustainable community of practice around the broadest scope of history of human ideas, offering improved research synergies, mutual support, and increased visibility of the work of our researchers and students in this area. It forms a bridge between practitioners of history and philosophy, who look at the impact of discovery on societies, and practitioners of science, who are interested in the origins of their disciplines.

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