Salzburg, July 2008

The city center as seen from opposite bank of river. The big fortress (and main tourist attraction) is atop the mountain at back An attractive church spire in the central square
The flower gardens of Schloss Mirabel

The central square: a new public sculpture by a big chessboard Looking back to the river from the heights of the fortress
The chapel in the fortress court

A terrifically ingenious display of armor inside the fortress rooms. Notice the spears in the air above the "army" of stick figures St. Peter's church
Inside St. Peter's. A wedding was underway

The roof of the sanctuary in St. Peter's. Oustanding baroque The organ in St. Francis's church
One example of the pedestrian streets in the center of Salzburg

Bavaria, July 2008

Our visit to the famous castles of King Ludwig I and II. Here is the older castle of Hohenschwangau, seen from the town below Our first view of Neuschwanstein, Ludwig II's ultimate vanity piece.
A view of Neuschwanstein from the lookout bridge. This was the inspiration for the Disneyland castle. In a paradoxical display of reverse marketing, Neuschwanstein is now advertised as "the original Disneyland castle"!

From the lookout bridge -- lots of people lined up along the rail A view of the meadows and farmlands below the castle
Looking westward back toward the town. Notice the other castle at right center

Neuschwanstein -- entryway with people waiting for their tour number to be called Neuschwanstein -- the forecourt looking up at the king's apartment complex
Notice the two hang gliders above the peak!

Lined up and waiting for our tour of the interior to start. Photography was not permitted inside. Lunch in the town -- with John and Robyn Norris
Robyn and Gretchen sharing a joke

Munich, July 2008 (also see ESO/MPA Workshop under "Conference Trips")

Thomas Puzia, Marla Geha A small part of the famous Hofbrauhaus
One of the many patio restaurants and beer gardens

The cathedral of Frauenkirche The giant sundial on the side of Frauenkirche
The big (and modern) organ inside

Downtown Munich, the day before the meeting starts More sightseeing the day after the meeting ended: Gretchen, Kristin, Elizabeth, Peter Frinchaboy
One of the many beautiful buildings in the center of town

Old city hall spire
Our little tourist group seeing Schloss Nymphenburg
Schloss Nymphenburg from the gardens in front

Bruce Peninsula, July 2007

The view from Skinner's Bluff east of Wiarton, overlooking Georgian Bay. The viewpoint is on the Bruce Trail at the top of the escarpment, just a bit west of Big Bay.

View from the deck of our cottage
Another view from the deck

Red squirrel -- a frequent visitor on our deck
At Burke's Caves, on the Bruce Trail
A section of the Bruce Trail

Georgian Bay from Flowerpot Island
The smaller of the two "flowerpots"

... and the larger flowerpot.
On the Bruce Trail overlooking the Slough of Despond

Victory! the first and hardest puzzle
Puzzle number two ...
... and puzzle number three.

Bruce Peninsula, August 2006

The view from the deck of our (rented!) cottage. Isthmus Bay is in the center, and Lion's Head Promontory at right.

Sunrise over Lion's Head
Another sunrise at Lion's Head
Sunset at Lion's Head -- note the "Belt of Venus" (shadow of the Earth); the Sun has just set directly behind the camera

Sunset from Tobermory
Typical cottage activity
Another typical cottage activity

Hiking on the Bruce Trail north of Lion's Head
Another vista from the Bruce Trail near Lion's Head point
On the Bruce Trail again

Two hummingbird feeders got steady visits -- lunch with a view!
A hummingbird poses for a silhouette at dusk
Goldfinch and chickadees at the feeder tray

A flicker at the feeder
The used-book store in Tobermory -- small and charming
Anniversary dinner

A sampling of wildflowers