My Current Grad Students and Postdocs:

Corey Howard (PhD, cosupervised with Ralph Pudritz) -- Massive Star Cluster Formation

Gwen Eadie Springford (PhD) -- Bayesian Modelling of Galaxy Halo Mass Profiles

Some recent publications with students:

Bayesian Mass Estimates of the Milky Way: Including Measurement Uncertainties with Hierarchical Bayes G.M.Eadie, A. Springford, and W.E.Harris 2017, ApJ 835, 167

Simulating radiative feedback and star cluster formation in GMCs - I. Dependence on gravitational boundedness C.S.Howard, R.E.Pudritz, and W.E.Harris 2017, MNRAS, 461, 2953

Estimating the Galactic Mass Profile in the Presence of Incomplete Data, G.M.Eadie, W.E.Harris, and L.Widrow 2015, ApJ 806, 54

The effects of orbital inclination on the scale size and evolution of tidally filling star clusters, J.J.Webb, A.Sills, W.E.Harris, and J.Hurley 2014, MNRAS 445, 1048

The pre-processing of subhaloes in SDSS groups and clusters, A.Hou, L.C.Parker, and W.E.Harris 2014, MNRAS 442, 406

The Observational and Theoretical Tidal Radii of Globular Clusters in M87, J.J.Webb, Harris, W.E., Sills, A., and Hurley, J.R. 2013, ApJ 764, 124.

Statistical Tools for Classifying Galaxy Group Dynamics, A.Hou, L.C.Parker, W.E.Harris, and D.J.Wilman 2009, ApJ 702, 1199.

Previous Postdoctoral Fellows and PhD Students

Jeremy Bailin (PDF, 2007-2009): Faculty member at University of Alabama

Elizabeth Wehner (PDF, 2005-2007): Faculty member at University of St.Thomas, Minnesota; currently software engineer

J.J.Kavelaars (PDF, 1997-2002): Staff astronomer at Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, NRC

Andrew Layden (PDF, 1995-96): Obtained a Hubble Fellowship; now faculty member at Bowling Green State University

Jean Couture (PDF, 1989-92): Went to high-tech industry in Montreal

Hugh Harris (PDF, 1982-84): Now staff astronomer at US Naval Observatory, Flagstaff

Jeremy Webb (PhD 2015): Postdoctoral fellow in Indiana

Annie Hou (PhD 2013): Went to postdoctoral fellowship in Korea; now data scientist in London

Rob Cockcroft (PhD 2012): Faculty at Western University

Kristin Woodley (PhD 2009): Went to postdoctoral fellowships at UBC and UC Santa Cruz; currently in Germany

Waldemar Okon (PhD 2005): currently university lecturer in physics

Marcel Vandalfsen (PhD 2004): Software developer at Kerr Vayne Systems

Dean McLaughlin (PhD 1997): Obtained Hubble Fellowship at graduation; now faculty at Keele University, UK.

Patrick Durrell (PhD 1996): Faculty member at Youngstown State University, Ohio

Jeff Secker (PhD 1995): Staff scientist/manager at Defence Research Establishment, Ottawa