Research Publications by W. E. Harris

Here is a complete list of my papers in refereed journals from the NASA/ADS database search engine.

Here's a handy Plain text list of my refereed journal papers. (It might be up to a year out of date ....)

My "Hirsch index" (J. Hirsch 2005, ProcNatAcadSci 102(46), 16569) is h=56.

Some Recent Papers and Preprints

Galactic Dark Matter Halos and Globular Cluster Populations. III: Extension to Extreme Environments Harris, W.E., Blakeslee, J.P., and Harris, G.L.H. 2017, ApJ, in press

Bayesian Mass Estimates of the Milky Way: Including Measurement Uncertainties with Hierarchical Bayes Eadie, G.M., Springford, A. and Harris, W.E. 2017, ApJ, 835, 167

Globular Cluster Systems in Brightest Cluster Galaxies. III: Beyond Bimodality Harris, W.E., Ciccone, S.M., Eadie, G.M., Gnedin, O.Y., Geisler, D., Rothberg, B., and Bailin, J. 2017, ApJ, 835, 101

The effect of orbital eccentricity on the dynamical evolution of star clusters, Webb, J.J., Leigh, N., Sills, A., Harris, W.E., and Hurley, J.R. 2014, MNRAS 442, 1569

Tracing the Outer Halo in a Giant Elliptical to 25 R eff, M.Rejkuba, W.E.Harris, L.Greggio, G.L.H.Harris, H.Jerjen, and O.A.Gonzalez 2014, ApJ 791, L2

Globular clusters and supermassive black holes in galaxies: further analysis and a larger sample, G.L.H.Harris, G.B.Poole, and W.E.Harris 2014, MNRAS, 438, 2117

Massive Star Clusters in Galaxies, (Review article), W.E.Harris 2010, Phil.Trans.Royal Society, 368, 889

Saas-Fee Lectures on Globular Cluster Systems (2000) click here