Universidad de Concepcion, May 2008

Central quadrangle on the UC campus The fountain at the other end of the quadrangle
Near the Physics/Astro building, with the central clock tower in the distance

Beach north of Concepcion, at sunset Kristin with Matias Gomez on black-sand beach
Harbor at the fishing village

The philosopher's statue is trying to make a point ("Get back here and listen to me!") Matias Gomez, Tom Richtler, Karen Kinemuchi at lunch
Peruvian pisco sours are different

Cerro Tololo, May 2008

Dinner before the run: Henry Lee, Roberto dePropris, Rachel, Dennis Crabtree, and Bill Ready to leave for the summit
The 4-meter dome from the dormitories

Cerro Pachon, with Gemini-S and SOAR. This weather held for all ten nights! Nice lookout point over the valley
The 4-meter isn't so big

Rachel at the controls of the 1-m The fox is a regular customer near mealtimes
Dinner in La Serena with Jean-Rene and Dennis

Cerro Tololo, May 2006

May 2006 -- Mike West and Kristin Woodley at Gemini South office May 2006 -- Ready to leave for the summit
The summit, seen from the observing floor of the 4-meter dome

Sunset view (May 2006). Spectacular weather and sub-arcsecond seeing View of the gibbous Moon through the 4-meter dome
One of the foxes that hangs around the residence. They eat handouts from the kitchen, but still tend to avoid getting close to you.

ESO/Paranal Observatory, May 2006

The summit, seen from the residence at sunset. Fortunately, this was the night before my run started -- somebody else got the clouds. The summit, seen from the residence during the afternoon.
Bill in one of the visiting scientist's offices, doing Phase II file preparation before the run. This is the only observatory I've been at that requires dogtags.

In the VLT3 dome. The primary mirror cell is in the back. The VLT3. That's Bill in front.
At the VLT3 area in the control building.

The area around the summit -- totally dry, stony desert The atrium area of the Residence at Paranal. Two-lane swimming pool is on the lower floor.
The patio on the ESO Guest House, Santiago

Cerro Tololo, April 2004

Bill with Doug Geisler, in Concepcion before our April 2004 run Sunset view at the Tololo summit. Lost 2 of 3 nights to weather like this!
Moonlight over Vicuna. (The Moon is the overexposed blob -- the small crescent below it is an internal reflection)