ESO/MPA July 2008, Garching (Chemical Evolution in Dwarf Galaxies and Clusters)

Gretchen with Caty Pilachowski at the opening reception The opening reception at the RaatsHall in Garching
The poster room (crowded!)

Lunchtime outside the MPA cafeteria The conference dinner
The conference dinner: Gretchen with one of the students from Heidelberg

Bill, John Norris, Gary daCosta The beer coasters at the dinner, which was held at the oldest brewery in Bavaria (founded 1040)
John, Bill, Gretchen at the closing reception

The Maibaum (maypole) next to the Garching town square The fountain in the Garching town square: U-Bahn entryway behind it
On the plane home: a flock of icebergs off the southern tip of Greenland!

CASCA May 2008, Victoria

The atrium of the new Conference Center in downtown Victoria Juan's poster ...
Annie's poster ...

Rob's poster ... Rachel's poster ...
... and Jeremy's poster!

Thomas Puzia and Dave Hanes at the banquet (stand-up food but plenty of it) Seven of the 15 Mac students at the meeting
Sidney van den Bergh is awarded the ASP Bruce Medal. Here he is with Jim Hesser, Bob McClure, Murray Fletcher, Gretchen Harris, and Lynn Hillebrand. Photo by Jim.

The provincial legislature just south of the harbour The Empress Hotel
The totem-pole garden by the Royal BC Museum

IAU 246, Dynamics of Clusters. Capri, September 2007

Coffee break out in the courtyard of the conference center One of the many spectacular views from the island. This is looking back towards the mainland; Naples at left, Mount Vesuvius in the center
A nice sunset -- at the banquet reception

At the reception near sunset; looking east towards Sorrento. You can see the Capri harbor at center foreground; boats come and go all day long from Naples, Ischia, Sorrento and other places A picturesque double rainbow at the reception!
On the ferry returning to Naples, looking back to the Capri harbor

One of the main "streets" of Capri, most of which are only for pedestrians. They are lined with expensive small shops and packed with tourists all day long The 2000-year-old ruins of the palace of the Emperor Tiberius are on the east end of the island and only a short walk from the town center. The palace was quite extensive, and the quality of the brickwork is still visible.
Looking from town center westward. The west side, past the cliffs, has the other "big" town of Anacapri. There is one road connecting the two towns suitable for automobile traffic, and although it looked like a one-lane road, the locals use it as two-lane.

Nathan, Charles-Philippe, Bill -- the McMaster contingent Doug Geisler with Bill, at the banquet reception
Peter Frinchaboy, Doug Geisler, Marina Rejkuba

CASCA 2007, RMC/Kingston

McMaster's globular cluster group Elizabeth explains the intricacies of NGC 3311 and its UCDs
Farnoud (University of Waterloo) with Kristin

My poster on the outermost Milky Way halo clusters Dissecting Farnoud's poster on NGC 5128
Yay! Kristin gets the Graduate Students' Association award for best student talk

Photo-op on the battlements of Fort Henry: Rob, Kristin, Sijing, Liz Rob's poster on globular clusters in supergiant galaxies
The RMC crest inside Yeo Hall

Currie Hall at RMC, the main meeting area Old city hall, downtown Kingston
The spire of Sydenham Street United Church

CASCA 2006, Calgary

Some of the McMaster grad students at the opening reception Lunch with the Geislers
Dinner at the end of a long week

Globular Clusters in Galaxies 2006, Universidad de Concepcion

The meeting auditorium Doug Geisler running the banquet
The Wednesday afternoon hike

Giving a review talk Kathy Perrett, Bill and Gretchen Harris, Kristin Woodley
The main building of Universidad de Concepcion

Groups of Galaxies, Santiago, December 2005

Elizabeth and Kristin went to this workshop. Lunchtime in summer weather -- Elizabeth is the one in sunglasses
Kristin's poster on NGC 5128