From September 2001 to August 2002 Gretchen and I spent a sabbatical year at Mount Stromlo Observatory in Canberra, Australia. Here are just a few photos from that thoroughly wonderful year. We travelled a lot and enjoyed everything about the landscape, scenery, animals, trees, flowers, and people. Of all the scenery, the "best of the best" for us were the Great Ocean Road west of Melbourne, Uluru and the "red center", the Southwest corner near Perth with its incredible forests and beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef.

The recreational area at Cotter Dam, west of Canberra. This was our first visit to the Australian bush, just a few days after arriving in September 2001 View from Gibraltar Rock at Tidbinbilla, west of Canberra

Bill at Belougery Spire, in the hills near the Anglo-Australian Telescope. Nice hiking! Ditto for Gretchen!
View of the Anglo-Australian Telescope dome

On our way home to Canberra from the AAO, we stopped for a brief visit to the Parkes radio telescope (as tourists, not astronomers) At the Twelve Apostles site on the Great Ocean Road west of Melbourne.

A classic view of Uluru (formerly known to whiteys as Ayers' Rock) Taken from Ayers Rock Resort, looking west towards the Olgas rock formation. This is a rare view of the setting Full Moon, just before sunrise.

View of Blowering Reservoir, a day's drive southwest of Canberra. The colors are accurate! At the town of Talbingo, near Blowering Reservoir. A distinctive advertisement for a tourist site.

Hiking in the forests above Blowering Reservoir, southwest of Canberra. Looking towards the sea east of Perth. Just one of the many spectacular coastal views there. Yet another perfect beach can be seen in the distance.

A juvenile kangaroo in the backyard of our house. We lived in one of the cottages on the Mount Stromlo site, and a tribe of kangaroos could be seen around the area every day. They were used to humans and we could approach them closely. They wandered freely -- fences less than two meters or so high were no obstacle Two koalas can be seen in this big eucalyptus tree. They sleep through the day and chew on the leaves at night.
Two fine-looking dingos at the Tarongo Zoo in Sydney. The dingos in the bush look a lot leaner and meaner than these well-fed guys.

Here is a sampling of the charming roadsigns on the highways. Koalas
Wombats. We never saw one in the wild, though.



The warning signs weren't just for animals!