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Current Schedule of Speakers
Fall 2014

Speaker Topic
September 18
Murray Wilson Unconvential Superconductivity in CrAs
October 2
Gang Chen Charge fluctuations and spin liquids in cluster Mott Insulators
October 9
Wen Huang Vanishing edge current and angular momentum in non-p-wave topological chiral superconductors
October 23
Alannah Hallas Measuring the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in a Weak Ferromagnet
October 30
Dalini Maharaj CANCELED
November 6
Sedigh Ghamari Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Fractionalized two-dimensional states on surfaces of three dimensional topological insulators
November 13
Edwin Kermarrec Exotic magnetism on the frustrated FCC lattice of 4d and 5d double perovskites
November 20
Casey Marjerrison CANCELED
November 27
Soshi Mizutani Quantum percolation and transition point of a directed discrete-time quantum walk
December 4
Shouvik Sur Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics: Non-Fermi Liquid Phases and Intertwined Orders in Semimetals with Quadratic Band-Touching