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Recommended Articles for Future Talks
Please contact coordinator for approval of articles not on the list.

    Approximately a Thousand Ultra-diffuse Galaxies in the Coma Cluster. Jin Koda, Masafumi Yagi, Hitomi Yamanoi & Yutaka Komiyama ApJ 807L (2015)

    Sweating the small stuff: simulating dwarf galaxies, ultra-faint dwarf galaxies, and their own tiny satellites. Coral Wheeler et al. MNRAS 453 (2015)

    On the Assembly of Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters and their Efficient Formation of Clobular Clusters. Mistani et al. arXiv:1509.00030

    What shapes the far-infrared spectral energy distributions of galaxies? Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh et al. arXiv:1509.00034

    Relations Between Central Black Hole Mass and Total Galaxy Stellar Mass in the Local Universe. Amy Reines & Marta Volonteri arXiv:1508.06274

    H-ATLAS/GAMA: quantifying the morphological evolution of the galaxy population using cosmic calorimetry. S. Eales et al.¬†MNRAS 452 (2015)

    The evolution of star formation activity in galaxy groups. G. Erfanianfar et al. MNRAS 445 (2014)

    Galaxies in the X-ray Selected Clusters and Groups in Dark Energy Survey Data: Stellar Mass Growth of Bright Central Galaxies Since z~1.2. Y. Zhang et al. arXiv:1504.02983

    Star formation efficiencies of molecular clouds in a galactic centre environment. Erik Bertram, Simon Glover, Paul Clark & Ralf Klessen. MNRAS 451 (2015)

    The dynamical evolution of molecular clouds near the Galactic Centre - I. Orbital structure and evolutionary timeline. Diederik Kruijssen, James Dale & Steven Longmore. MNRAS 447 (2015)

    Evidence for a distant giant planet in the solar system. Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown. AJ 151 (2016)