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Recommended Articles for Future Talks
Please contact coordinator for approval of articles not on the list.

    Exploring an Alternative Channel of Evolution Towards SNa Ia Explosion, Chiosi et al. arXiv:1409.1104 (2015)

    The Discovery of Seven Extremely Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Field of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy M101, Merritt et al. ApJL 787L (2014)

    Discovery of a Population of Bulgeless Galaxies with Extremely Red Mid-IR Colors: Obscured AGN Activity in the Low-mass Regime?, Satyapal et al. ApJ 784 (2014)

    A Study of Massive and Evolved Galaxies at High Redshift, Nayyeri et al. arXiv:1408.3684 (2014)

    A Globular Cluster Toward M87 with a Radial Velocity < -1000 km/s: The First Hypervelocity Cluster, Caldwell et al. ApJL 787L (2014)

    Water Cycling Between Ocean and Mantle: Super-Earths Need Not be Waterworlds, Cowan & Abbot. ApJ 781 (2014)

    Terrestrial Planet Formation in the Presence of Migrating Super-earths, Izidoro, Morbidelli & Raymond. arXiv:1408.1215

    Detection of Exomoons Through Observation of Radio Emissions, Noyola, Satyal & Musielak. ApJ 791 (2014)

    HIghMass -- High HI Mass, HI-rich Galaxies at z~0: Sample Definition, Optical and Halpha Imaging, and Star Formation Properties Huang et al. arXiv:1407.7538

    Two physical regimes for the Giant HII Regions and Giant Molecular Clouds in the Antennae Galaxies, Zaragiza-Cardiel et al. arXiv:1409.1251

    Astrochemical correlations in molecular clouds, Gaches et al. arXiv:1412.2754v1