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The Astrophysics Journal Club includes graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty working in astronomy and astrophysics at McMaster University. The club meets once a week where one or two members give 25 minute talks describing a recent publication or topic of contemporary interest in the field, followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Occasionally the club also hosts talks by speakers visiting from other institutions.

Next Meeting - March 27
Speaker:Dan Taranu
Topic:Dissecting Spiral Galaxies With Integral Field Kinematics

Measuring fundamental physical properties (including size, mass, and angular momentum) of thousands of nearby (z<0.1) spiral galaxies is rapidly becoming feasible thanks to integral field spectroscopic surveys like SAMI and MaNGa. However, most spirals consist of several distinct components - disk(s), bulge(s) and a dark matter halo - so unveiling their structure requires careful analysis. I will present a new method and code (MagRite) for decomposition of disk galaxies using integral field kinematics. MagRite generates self-consistent equilibrium galaxy models with a bulge, disk and halo, allowing for Bayesian fitting of galaxy photometry and kinematics. I will show examples using data from the SAMI galaxy survey and deep imaging from KiDS, and outline how follow-up simulations can predict star formation rates and help tune stellar feedback models. Lastly, I will show preliminary comparisons to predictions from simulations, including the cutting-edge Romulus cosmological volume (Tremmel+17).