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THE GOVERNOR GENERAL’S ACADEMIC MEDAL - Faculty of Science Convocation
(excerpt from Convocation address June 5, 2007)

Given by Her Excellency the Governor General of Canada, this award is given to the student graduating from a first baccalaureate degree program who has attained the highest standing throughout the program. This year Matthew Farrar is one of two outstanding students from McMaster University who are recipients of the Governor General’s Academic Medal.

Discovering his passion for Physics in Level 1, Matthew decided to enroll in the Honours Physics program in Level 2. When asked why he said “I really liked the approach of physics to problem solving. My humble observation has been that physics teaches you a certain set of philosophic principles, mathematical tools, and good common sense that give one a unique set of glasses with which to view the world”. Matthew has been named to the Deans’ Honour List each of his four years, and was named to the Provost Honour Roll, with perfect 12.0 averages, in his third and fourth year. Matthew will graduate with distinction with an impressive Cumulative Average of 11.9 on a 12 point scale.

Not only is Matthew an outstanding student, but according to his supervisor, “he has an extraordinary ability to do research. In fact Matthew has been described as a complete researcher already at this very junior point: he asks good questions, thinks deeply, is comfortable with theory, excels at experiment, and is a fabulous presenter.”

Matthew will continue with graduate studies at Cornell University this fall.