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July 3, 2001

Malcolm Collins' Retirement

A reasonably close-packed array of physicists gather for the ceremonies.

Bruce Gaulin, a former student of the retiree, recaps the career in physics of Malcolm Collins.

Malcolm Collins reacting to a Bruce Gaulin anecdote.

John Berlinsky presents Malcolm with a gift of time, a McMaster watch.

Also from colleagues, a McMaster tie flanked by the watch box and card.

Unidentified late signer.

Malcolm Collins shares a joke with department administrator Wendy Malarek.

Jim Waddington with Ross Datars.

John Preston raises a glass with Bruce Gaulin.

Malcolm Collins enjoying the festivities.

Tom Timusk welcomes Malcolm Collins to the ranks of the retired.

David Brown, another retired but active member of the department.

Jim Waddington in conversation with Everett Cairns.

A snack table of delicious variety.

Professor Emeritus Carl Stager with Bruce Gaulin.

The traditional slicing of the cake.

He who cuts the cake gets the first slice.

Harold Haugen, John Preston, David Venus, Bruce Gaulin, and Catherine Kallin.

Brockhouse Chair Bruce Gaulin with Acting Provost Peter Sutherland
and Physics and Astronomy Chair John Berlinsky.


Professor Emeritus Malcolm Collins