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Recent Student Publications at McMaster University

The list contains recent research publications which had one of our students or recent graduates (in bold type) as an author. It emphasizes our commitment to having students play an active role in all aspects of physics and astronomy research.

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Matilda Backholm, William S. Ryu, and K. Dalnoki-Veress, The viscoelastic properties of the nematode C. elegans, a self-similar, shear-thinning worm, PNAS, 110, 4528 (2013).

D. W. L. Sprung, M. Betti and W. van Dijk, Finite Fourier transforms computed by a modified Filon-Euler-MacLaurin method, Comp. Phys. Comm. 184 (2013) 607-616.

Ashkan Dehghan and A.-C. Shi, Modeling Hydrogen-Bonding in Diblock Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends, Macromolecules, submitted (2013).

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Ross Diener, C. P. Burgess, Bulk Stabilization, the Extra-Dimensional Higgs Portal and Missing Energy in Higgs Events, arXiv:1302.6486.

Leigh, N., Sills, A., Perets, H., Glebbeek, E., Sarajedini, A., The Origins of Blue Stragglers and Binarity in Globular Clusters, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 428, 897-905, (2013).

Joshua D. McGraw, Paul D. Fowler, Melissa L. Ferrari, K. Dalnoki-Veress, Relaxation of non-equilibrium entanglement networks in thin polymer films,  Eur. Phys. J. E., in press (2013).

Robert Peters, Pawel Stasiak, Mark W. Matsen, and K. Dalnoki-Veress, Morphology induced spinodal decomposition at the surface of symmetric diblock copolymer films, ACS Macro Lett. 2, 441, (2013).

Robert D. Peters and K. Dalnoki-Veress, Film thickness dependent ordering dynamics of lamellar forming diblock copolymer thin films,  Eur. Phys. J. E, in press (2013).

Marlon Rodney, H. Francis Song, Sung-Sik Lee, Karyn Le Hur, Erik Sorensen, Scaling of entanglement entropy across Lifshitz transitions, Journal-ref: Phys. Rev. B 87, 115132 (2013).

Webb, J., Harris, W.E.H., Sills, A., Hurley, J., The Influence of Orbital Eccentricity on Globular Cluster Tidal Radii, The Astrophysical Journal, 764, 124, 12pp,(2013).

Weiquan Xu, K. Jiang, P. Zhang and A.-C. Shi, A strategy to explore stable and metastable ordered phases of block copolymers, J. Phys. Chem. B, in press (2013).


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Sara L. Cormier, Joshua D. McGraw, Thomas Salez, Elie Raphael, and K. Dalnoki-Veress, Beyond Tanner's law: Crossover between spreading regimes of a viscous droplet on an identical film, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 154501 (2012).

M. W. Horbatsch, C. P. Burgess, Cosmic Black-Hole Hair Growth and Quasar OJ287, JCAP 1205 (2012) 010.

C. P. Burgess, M. W. Horbatsch, Subodh P. Patil, Inflating in a Trough: Single-Field Effective Theory from Multiple-Field Curved Valleys, arXiv: 1209.5701.

Leigh, N., Umbreit, S., Sills, A., Knigge, C., de Marchi, G., Glebbeek, E., Sarajedini, A., Quantifying the Universality of the Stellar Initial Mass Function", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 422, 1592-1600, (2012).

Pawel Stasiak, Joshua D. McGraw, K. Dalnoki-Veress and Mark W. Matsen, Step Edges in Thin Films of Lamellar-Forming Diblock Copolymer, Macromolecules, 45, 9531 (2012).

Thomas. Salez, Joshua D. McGraw, Oliver Baumchen, K. Dalnoki-Veress, and Elie Raphael, Capillary-driven flow induced by a stepped perturbation atop a viscous film,  Phys. of Fluids, 24, 102111 (2012).

Joshua D. McGraw, Thomas Salez, Oliver Baumchen, Elie Raphael, and K. Dalnoki-Veress, Self-similarity and energy dissipation in stepped polymer films, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 128303 (2012).

Thomas Salez, Joshua D. McGraw, Sara Cormier, Oliver Baumchen, K. Dalnoki-Veress, and Elie Raphael, Numerical solutions of thin film equations for polymer flows,  Eur. Phys. J. E 35, 114 (2012).

Issei Nakamura, A.-C. Shi and Z.-G. Wang, Ion solvation in liquid mixtures: Effects of solvent reorganization, Phys. Rev. Lett., 109, 257802 – 1-5 (2012).

T. J. Parkin, C. D. Wilson, Foyle, K., Baes, M., Bendo, G. J., Boselli, A., Boquien, M., Cooray, A., Cormier, D., Davies, J. I., Eales, S. A., Galametz, M., Gomez, H. L., Lebouteiller, V., Madden, S., Mentuch, E., Page, M. J., Pohlen, M., Remy, A., Roussel, H., Sauvage, M., Smith, M. W. L. & Spinoglio, L., "The gas-to-dust mass ratio of Centaurus A as seen by Herschel" 2012, MNRAS, 422, 2291.

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D. Satsoura, N. Kucerka, S. Shivakumar, C. Griffiths, B. Leber, D. W. Andrews, J. Pencer, J. Katsaras, and C. Fradin, 2012, "Insertion of the protein Bax in biomimetic mitochondrial liposomes: a fluorescence and small-angle neutron scattering study", BBA-Biomembranes 1818(3):384-401.

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Leo van Nierop, C. P. Burgess, Sculpting the Extra Dimensions: Inflation from Codimension-2 Brane Back-reaction, JCAP 1204 (2012) 037

C. P. Burgess, Anshuman Maharana, L. van Nierop, A. A. Nizami, F. Quevedo, On Brane Back-Reaction and de Sitter Solutions in Higher-Dimensional Supergravity, JHEP 1204 (2012) 018.

Ward, R. L., Wadsley, J., Sills, A., Petitclerc, N., Connecting the Dots: Analyzing synthetic observations of star-forming clumps in Molecular Clouds", The Astrophysical Journal, 756, 119, 7pp, (2012).

Webb, J., Harris, W.E.H., Sills, A., The Size Difference Between Red And Blue Globular Clusters Is Not Due To Projection Effects, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 759, L39, 5pp, (2012).

Webb, J. J., Sills, A., Harris, W. E., The Observational and Theoretical Tidal Radii of Globular Clusters in M87, The Astrophysical Journal, 746, 93, 8pp, (2012).

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Higgs PG, Wu M (2012) The importance of stochastic transitions for the origin of life. Orig. Life. Evol. Biopsph. DOI 10.1007/s11084-012-9307-0


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in the MeV-TeV Mass Range
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