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Lasers, Photonics and AMO Research
at McMaster University

Photonics Research Laboratories
The Photonic Research Laboratories at McMaster University operate under the auspices of the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research (BIMR) and in close connection with the Center for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices (CEMD). The goal of the Photonics Laboratories is to create new links and promote interdisciplinary research in the areas of photonics and optoelectronics.
Theory of Ultracold Atoms
Combining laser-cooling with forced evaporation, atoms can now be cooled to temperatures one billionth of one degree above absolute zero. This opens the door to studying quantum states of matter including Bose-Einstein condensates. We are interested in the fundamental properties of these quantum matter waves, such as their superfluidity, and also in their application to precison interferometry, for example in the measurement of gravity.